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Flash Memory System

1. Research goal

- The limited lifetime caused by poor write endurance is a main barrier for wider adoption of SSDs in the enterprise market

- Provide the reasonable SSD lifetime (e.g., 3-5 years)


2. Our approaches: REcovery-Aware DYnamic throttling (READY)

- Throttle the SSD performance to guarantee the required SSD lifetime


- Exploit the self-recovery effect of NAND flash memory to reduce the performance degradation caused by performance throttling




3. Published papers

Sungjin Lee, Taejin Kim, Kyungho Kim, and Jihong Kim, "Lifetime Management of Flash-­Based SSDs Using Recovery-­Aware Dynamic Throttling ," USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST ‘12), San Jose, USA, pp. 327-340, February 14­-17, 2012

Sungjin Lee, Taejin Kim, Kyungho Kim, and Jihong Kim, "Guaranteeing the Lifetime of SSDs Using Recovery­-Aware Dynamic Throttling," International Conference on Memory Architecture and Organization Workshop (MeAOW ‘11) in conjunction with ESWEEK 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, October 13, 2011


4. Related patents

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