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Flash Memory System

1. Research goal

- Develop a buffer-aware flash management technique that eliminates unnecessary page migrations by taking into account both flash translation layer and buffer management layer


- Design a new flash translation layer that considers the contents of a buffer cache


- Design the buffer management scheme, so as to maximize the benefit of buffer-aware approach



2. Published papers

Sungjin Lee, Dongkun Shin, and Jihong Kim, "Buffer-Aware Garbage Collection for NAND Flash Memory-Based Storage Systems ," International Workshop on Software Support for Portable Storage (IWSSPS’08) held in conjunction with ESWEEK 2008, Atlanta, USA, October 23, 2008

Sungjin Lee, Dongkun Shin, and Jihong Kim, "BAGC: Buffer-Aware Garbage Collection for Flash-Based Storage Systems," IEEE Transactions on Computers (accepted for publication)


3. Related patents

김지홍, 이성진, 신동군, "가비지 컬렉션 수행 방법 및 상기 방법을 이용한 플래시 메모리 장치," (한국 특허 출원 번호 10-2009-0033631, 2009. 4. 17, 한국 특허 등록 번호 10-1067018, 2011. 09. 16)